February 8, 2016

League wants Supreme Court to hear voter ID case

The Wisconsin League of Women Voters wants the state Supreme Court to review an appellate decision that the state’s voter ID law is constitutional. The league filed suit in October 2011, arguing the law creates an additional qualification for voters not contained in the Constitution, and imposes a burden which denies the right to vote. A Dane County judge agreed last year, but was reversed by the 4th District Court of Appeals reversed in May.

“The league does not believe that the Court of Appeals did and adequate job, and made a series of significant mistakes in the way that it reviewed the case,” said Madison attorney Lester Pines, who represents the league.

“We’re very optimistic that the court will take the case up, because the court seems to be very interested in hearing various significant constitutional questions, and not just relying on decisions by the court of appeals,” he said.

Pines said that if the high court accepts the case, it could hear arguments early next year. An injunction blocking the photo ID mandate in a separate court challenge remains in place.

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