February 14, 2016

More arrests in Capitol rotunda

Day three of arrests at the state Capitol rotunda saw 17 more citations issued on-site, for failing to obtain a permit. A Department of Administration spokeswoman said in a statement that an additional 14 people will receive the $200.50 tickets based on video. DOA’s Stephanie Marquis also said that a wedding party that had applied for a permit ended up holding the ceremony outside, in the rain.

The arrests began Wednesday, with DOA deciding to act in response to a court ruling. U.S. District Judge William Conley struck down portions of the state’s policy requiring permits for use of the Capitol, but did change the threshold of when a permit is required, from four to 20 people. A ‘solidarity sing-along’ routinely draws more than that number of participants, and has been the focus of the enforcement effort.


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