February 9, 2016

Packers back to work Tuesday

TJ Lang

TJ Lang

After Monday’s scheduled off day, the Green Bay Packers return to the practice field Tuesday morning.

Before the start of camp, Head Coach Mike McCarthy talked about changing the schedule around to help with the health of the team.  The obvious change was the consistency of starting times for practice.  In past years, McCarthy mixed-in morning, afternoon and night sessions with the idea of getting use to the ever changing regular season schedule.  This year, all but one practice will start in the morning. Guard T.J Lang is among the players who likes the early start times…

AUDIO: T.J Lang loves the early practice times :19

The players are use to McCarthy’s random tweaks.  For example, last season he instituted the “get rid of the ball” timer for his quarterbacks in hopes to create a mental timer in their minds.  Another move this year is the “TV timeouts” where they take water breaks in the middle of practice with music playing over the speakers.  Defensive Lineman B.J Raji is a fan of McCarthy’s unique thinking…

AUDIO: B.J Raji on McCarthy always changing things :22

The team has morning practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all in full pads with 8:20 AM starts.  The lone night practice comes Friday night at 7:00 and will be in full pads.


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