February 14, 2016

Players will have to adjust to knee and thigh pads

James Jones

James Jones

With player safety being a big focus of the NFL recently, it is no surprise that league is making it mandatory that all players wear all the required pads in 2013.  This includes knee and thigh pads which players have shoved in their locker for years.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy is making sure his guys are use to this by the time the season rolls around.  He is requiring all players to where the required pads in all practices.  As for McCarthy’s thoughts on the rule?

Mike McCarthy on players now have to wear knee and thigh pads :12

The initial reaction in the locker room has been mixed by the players.  For younger guys, like Morgan Burnett, they were in full pads recently in college.  Burnett isn’t bothered by the change…

AUDIO: Morgan Burnett says its not a big difference for him having :11

James Jones was one of the players to speak up against the rule.  He understands why the league made the move but isn’t too keen on having to wear the pads…

AUDIO: James Jones on wearing the knee and thigh pads :15

Jones did add the that the pads are so light that you don’t even feel them.

The rule was put into place this past May by the league despite lack of support from the players association.

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