February 10, 2016

Strange twist in Wand family tragedy

The wife of an Argyle man convicted of setting a house fire last September that killed their three children is now claiming her husband and brother-in-law didn’t do it. Sharon Wand, who was badly burned in the fire and lost the baby she was pregnant with at the time, recently sent a letter to The Monroe Times and Wisconsin State Journal claiming she was on pain medications after the fire and lied to police about the events that took place.

Armin Wand III is currently serving multiple life sentences after pleading guilty to the murders earlier this year. Jeremy Wand, who was accused of helping his brother set the fire as part of a plot to collect insurance money, recently asked a judge to withdraw his own guilty plea in the case. A hearing on that request is scheduled for August 22.

In the letter, Sharon Wand says she was “hurt and upset” and “looking for somebody to blame.” Wand claims in the letter that Armin was in bed next to her when the fire started and Jeremy was not present at all. She says there are two innocent people in custody and she’s now “trying to do the right thing.”

Robin Colbert, WIBA

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