February 12, 2016

The team reacts to Braun’s suspension (AUDIO)

Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun

Monday’s news of Ryan Braun’s 65-game suspension for violating MLB’s drug program didn’t necessarily tell the whole story.  After months of speculation to what baseball would do in wake of the Biogenesis investigation, the answer came, but Braun already left the building.

Shortly after meeting with Milwaukee General Manager Doug Melvin, Braun spoke to his teammates before leaving Miller Park.  It will likely be 2014 Spring Training before the MVP talks to reporters.  As for what Melvin had to say…

AUDIO: Doug Melvin supports the decision of the Commissioner’s Office :15

With Braun leaving without talking to reporters, many questions were left unanswered.  That meant the media only had Braun’s Manger and teammates to ask questions to.  As expected, they did not have much to say.  Here is some of the reaction:

AUDIO: Ron Roencike was asked he feels like he was lied to :14

AUDIO: Jonathan Lucroy forgives his teammate :14

AUDIO: Rickie Weeks would like the truth :11

AUDIO: Yovani Gallardo seemed taken by surprise :16

AUDIO: John Axford wouldn’t say what Braun told the team :14

Braun was suspended without pay so he will forfeit the over $3-million he was set to make the rest of the season.  Under rules in the CBA, Milwaukee cannot void Braun’s deal which runs through 2020 with a mutual option for 2021.

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