February 10, 2016

Thompson happy about progress with Brett Favre (AUDIO)

Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson

It was six years ago that the Green Bay Packers parted ways from quarterback Brett Favre.  After a season in New York and two in Minnesota, Favre will be watching his 3rd NFL season from the sidelines.

It’s only a matter of time before the two sides publicly reconcile with the retirement of Favre’s number “4.”  The way the off-season has  gone, the deed will be done sooner than later.  Packers General Manager Ted Thompson is happy with the progress that has been made of late…

Ted Thompson on the progress with Favre :25

People have speculated to what hurdles are in the way of getting this done.  Is it the relationship between Favre and current QB Aaron Rodgers?  Any issues appear to be squashed as the two were on stage at the NFL Honors Awards this past January and both have publicly talked highly about the other.  Will the fans be receptive?  Of course they will.  Time has allowed the hard feelings to past (for many).  Could it be the relationship between Thompson and Favre?  If it is, Thompson believes it shouldn’t be…

AUDIO: Ted Thompson says Favre’s return isn’t about him :12

Favre will be eligible for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.  President and CEO Mark Murphy said this summer that he hopes to have Favre’s number retired by then.

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