February 12, 2016

Duffy says border security first step in immigration reform

The debate over immigration reform is expected to heat up again after Congress returns from the August recess. One Wisconsin Republican does not believe a so-called “path to citizenship” should be a part of those discussions though.

U.S. Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) says it’s unrealistic to expect that the 11 million people currently living the country without documentation can be removed. He believes most of them would return to the U.S. anyway, given the current state of the nation’s borders. Duffy says that’s why securing the nation’s borders needs to be the first issue Congress considers in the immigration debate.

Once the government is able to better control who is coming in to the country, Duffy says then the discussions can turn to those already living here. He says they should be allowed to stay here under a legal status, but without being granted citizenship, the right to vote, or the ability to access entitlement programs.

AUDIO: Rep. Sean Duffy (1:14)

For those who do want to become citizens, Duffy says that option should be available. However, he says they should have to “get to the back of the line,” behind those who have applied already to become citizens.

Duffy’s comments came Monday, following a speech to the Wausau Chamber of Commerce.

Raymond Neupert, WSAU

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