February 13, 2016

Gouker sentenced in 1990 rape case

A judge in Waupaca County handed down the maximum sentence Friday in a 23-year-old Iola sexual assault case.

The judge sentenced 42-year-old Glendon Gouker to 25 years in prison, after he pleaded guilty earlier this year to raping a young woman at an Iola park in the fall of 1990 while wearing a mask. Waupaca County Circuit Judge John Hoffman described the crime as exactly what the public envisions when they hear a sexual assault took place.

The victim in the case told Gouker she has moved on with her life and takes comfort in the fact that he has been caught. The woman said “how wonderful it is for me to know that you will spend the rest of your pathetic, twisted, miserable existence in a cage.”

Gouker appeared for the proceeding via video conference. He’s currently in the Potowatomie County, Oklahoma jail following sentencing Thursday on murder, rape, kidnapping, sodomy, weapons, and drug charges in a cast here. Gouker was given 4 consecutive life terms, plus 70 years. He also remains a suspect in a Waupaca County double homicide case from 1992.

AUDIO: Jack Barry reports (1:09)

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