February 8, 2016

Probation agent sentenced for drug thefts

A former Marathon County probation agent found guilty of taking prescription drugs from the people she supervised is going to prison. Kim Hoenisch’s sentencing hearing was held Monday, and it took a few hours as the court heard from a victim and several character witnesses.

Hoenisch was found guilty of four different felony counts in relation to the drug thefts. She was also found guilty by a no contest plea to an ordinance violation stemming from a family quarrel with her sister at her mother’s residence in mid July.

Judge Ann Knox-Bauer sentenced Hoenisch to several concurrent sentences, totalling a year and a half of prison time, followed by two years on extended supervision and seven and a half years of probation. Hoenisch will also be required to undergo substance abuse treatment and counseling while in prison. She was remanded to the custody of the Marathon County Jail and must begin serving her time immediately. Kim Hoenisch is the wife of former Marathon County Sheriff Randy Hoenisch.


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