February 8, 2016

Teens arrested for Marshfield robbery attempt

Putting a close to a case that gained national attention, a pair of teens have been arrested and charged for a failed robbery at a Marshfield store run by an elderly woman. In the attempted July 15th robbery at Wolf’s Grocery, 96-year-old Margie Wolf told a masked robber that he could have Tootsie Rolls, but wasn’t getting any money.

Marshfield Police Chief Gary Jepsen says a 13-year-old Marshfield boy and 17-year-old Cordell L Ellingson of Arpin were arrested on Wednesday. Ellingson will face charges as an adult. The younger boy has been refered to Wood County Human Services for charges.

The masked 13-year-old was armed with a pocket knife at the time of the robbery attempt. Jepsen says public awareness and ongoing discussion of the crime made it very hard for the suspects to get away with it. Both boys have been interviewed by police, and have confessed to their involvement in the crime.

Ellingson is charged with felony contributing to the delinquency of a minor for encouraging the 13-year-old to commit the armed robbery.



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