February 7, 2016

Convincing businesses to jump the border

Governor Scott Walker says the state will continue working to attract businesses from neighboring states to come to Wisconsin.

Earlier this year, officials from the Walker Administration and local government leaders in southeastern Wisconsin met with businesses operating just across the Illinois border. Governor Walker says the plan was to show them how a move to Wisconsin could benefit them and to set them up directly with people who could help with that transition. Walker says the effort paid off, and at least two manufacturers so far have announced plans to move their operations across the state line.

: Gov. Scott Walker (:15)

The governor wants to hold a similar event in northwestern Wisconsin, this time targeting Minnesota businesses. Walker says they want to target companies that have been hit by a roughly $2 billion tax increase in that state and some business to business taxes that make their work more of a challenge.

Walker told members of the Wisconsin Counties Association on Tuesday that he wants to aggressively make the case that the state wants to help them grow and that Wisconsin is a good place to set up business.

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