February 5, 2016

Court orders teen not to play video games

A Racine County teenager may have video game withdrawal for a while, after being ordered by a court commissioner not to pick up a controller until at least next month.

The mother of 17-year-old Jeffery A. Ehlers told police her son is addicted to video games and often gets angry while playing. His latest outburst led to a misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charge. According to the criminal complaint, the boy uttered obscenities at his mother when she threatened to take away his PlayStation 3 because he’d been swearing about losing. She then unplugged the game system and he went “ballistic,” pushing her, throwing items, and slamming doors.

A Court Commissioner has ordered the Mount Pleasant teen not to play any video games while he’s out on a signature bond. His next court date is in late October.

Tom Karkow, WRJN

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