February 12, 2016

Green Bay’s Frigo bridge closed

A major interstate bridge in Wisconsin is closed. A settling pier on the Leo Frigo bridge, which carries I-43 across the Fox River in Green Bay, led to the pavement settling across all traffic lanes early Wednesday morning. State officials including Governor Scott Walker, responded to the incident.

“The actions we take and the time it will take, will overwhelmingly be driven by public by safety, and then subsequently our interest in preserving our transportation and our commerce link,” Walker said.

The bridge carries 40,000 vehicles a day through the heart of Green Bay. It was last inspected in August of 2012 and found structurally sound. DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb can’t say how long it will be closed. “We understand the importance of the bridge to the regional economy,” he said. “But again, our first priority is going to be public safety.”

The bridge is not in any danger of collapse. A single pier on the eastern approach to the river crossing settled about two feet. “No one should be on any part of the bridge or try any of approaches or approach any of the piers,” said DOT Regional Director Will Dorsey. “Those areas are blocked off. No one, including the media, should be on the bridge.”


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