February 12, 2016

Senator Johnson won’t shut down government

Senator Johnson is firmly set on repealing ObamaCare, but says he has no desire to shut down federal government.

Republicans are unified in their desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act, says US Senator Ron Johnson; but the Oshkosh Republican says it’s not a practical strategy to shut down the government in order to stop funding the federal healthcare law.

“I think the best chance we have of preventing ObamaCare from taking firm and permanent root is try and work with Democratic members of Congress to vote for delays.”

Johnson says lawmakers can’t agree on the best tactic to stop what he calls a “monstrosity.” He says it’s next to impossible with President Obama in the White House and Harry Reid leading the majority of the senate.

While some lawmakers threaten not pass the continuing resolution to fund the federal government, Johnson says he won’t “play brinkmanship,” saying, “I think that would be harmful to the economy. I want the economy to succeed no matter who’s in office, but I also understand the incredible harm that ObamaCare is causing the economy, as well. This is a matter of working toward a reasonable solution that might actually get enacted.”

Johnson, who campaigned on the promise to fight ObamaCare, says it’s important to unite. He says opponents need to fight to inform, persuade and win the argument, convincing the American people that ObamaCare must be stopped.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:20

AUDIO: 23 Meanwhile, Senator Johnson talks about his idea to prevent a debt crisis in the future. He would like to pass a piece of legislation that would take the “Armageddon type of government shut down” off the table forever.

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