February 12, 2016

State Assembly has new leaders

Bill Kramer, 48, of Waukesha was elected Wednesday as the new Republican majority leader in the Wisconsin Assembly. It’s the number-two job in the lower house just behind the assembly speaker. Kramer replaces Scott Suder of Abbotsford, who resigned Tuesday to take a new job in the state Public Service Commission.

Kramer explains he’s different than his predecessor. “There’s personalities differences, there’s experience differences. I mean, he had been here 14 years; I’ve been here six. So there’s gonna be differences. I’ve got a learning curve.”

Assembly Republicans chose Kramer over Dean Knudson (R-Hudson), who was also nominated for that leadership position.

As for priorities heading into the fall session, Kramer says there are plenty of issues to fill the calendar. “I think the number one priority is creating an environment for economic growth and job creation. In the meantime, we’ve got criminal justice issues to deal with, we’ve got the speaker’s task force on mental health…”

Kramer is looking forward to working closely with Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington), he says. Kramer’s old speaker pro tem post was given to second-term Republican Tyler August of Lake Geneva.

A special election for the 69th District state Assembly seat in central Wisconsin is now scheduled. A primary will be on October 22nd. The winner would face opponents from other parties in the general election on November 19th.

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