February 9, 2016

Unions file contempt motion

Unions are asking a judge to hold state labor relations commissioners in contempt of court. It’s for continuing to enforce portions of Governor Scott Walker’s law restricting collective bargaining, despite a recent ruling that requiring union recertification elections is unconstitutional.

“Scott and Pasch are the puppets, and Scott Walker is the puppet master, but the puppets are the ones who are acting in violation of the law, and they are the ones who are in contempt of court,” Attorney Lester Pines said at a press conference on Tuesday, refering to Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission Chairman Jim Scott, and Commissioner Rodney Pasch.

Dane County Judge Juan Colas, who ruled last year that the restrictions were unconstitutional as applied to Madison teachers and Milwaukee city employees, ruled last week that WERC can’t force the recertification elections on six public employee unions. Scott and Pasch moved forward anyway.

“They’re so eager to force the unions into these expensive recertification elections, that they’re willing to ignore the law, and that’s what they’ve done,” said Pines. Colas has given the WERC officials until October 4th to respond.


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