February 11, 2016

Walker says government shutdown should be avoided

With a deadline looming for Congress to pass a resolution that would continue to fund the federal government, Governor Scott Walker says lawmakers should do whatever is needed to avoid a government shutdown.

A continuing resolution on funding the federal government was passed by the U.S. House of Representative last week. It includes language that would also defund the Affordable Care Act, which is expected to create a stalemate in the U.S. Senate this week. That could delay the passage of any agreement between the two chambers before the September 30 deadline and risk shutting down the federal government. Walker says that “should be averted.”

AUDIO: Gov. Scott Walker (:35)

Walker, who has been a vocal opponent of ObamaCare, says those pushing to defund the program should look for other paths to achieve their goals. He says lawmakers might be better served revisiting the issue when Congress turns its attention to raising the debt ceiling or by pushing to delay implementation of a provision that requires individuals to have health insurance coverage.

The individual mandate kicks in at the start of next year, but Walker says concerns persist that it could have a negative impact on the economy. The governor believes President Obama and Democrats might be more open to that alternative, based on an earlier decision to delay a provision that requires employers to provide health insurance.

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