February 14, 2016

Council may revisit Racine cemetery sale

The Racine Common Council is being urged to rescind previous approval to sell land inside historic city-owned cemetery to a local family for personal use, if testing proves it’s not an Indian burial site. There are such burial sites in Mound cemetery, and Potawatomi descendant Skip Twortos said all sacred sites need protection. “Those people no longer have a voice but is our responsibility,” he said.

Native American descendant Serena Sosa said if it’s sacred, it stays sacred and there is documentation. “I think the government should learn to do their homework, before you want to disturb something, especially something as sacred as that,” she said.

A reconsideration request was sent to the Racine Council’s Committee of the Whole. The funeral Merideth family, who want to but the unplatted parcel, have remained silent, maintaining only they will give up the idea if the site is deemed an Indian burial mound.

The City Council took action on September 17th allowing the family to buy family plots on the circular parcel. Some 50 people turned out Tuesday night to oppose altering the site.


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