February 11, 2016

Expecting lower winter heating bills

The signs are there, and before too long, our furnaces will be working every day of the new winter heating season.

For WE Energies customers, spokesman Brian Manthey says they anticipate about a 3 percent decrease in the cost for a “normal” winter.

“Lot of that difference is in the fact that last was actually a slightly colder than normal winter. So we would anticipate if this year is a normal winter, we would see less usage by customers and therefore that would lower their bills a little bit.”

Manthey says while prices at the pump have been all over the map, natural gas prices have remained fairly steady the last few years.

“When you go back over our five-year average, this forecast calls for this winter’s cost to be actually 16 percent less than the five-year average.”

Manthey says a typical WE Energies customer, with a normal winter, could pay 39 percent less than the most recent high cost season of 2007-08.

Janet Hoff, WRJN Racine

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