February 9, 2016

Japan ends ban on Wisconsin poultry

Japan’s ban on Wisconsin poultry products was imposed in July, after birds at a Jefferson County poultry farm showed signs of exposure to the bird-flu. A routine inspection this summer showed that some birds had antibodies to a low-pathogen avian flu.

State Veterinarian Paul McGraw said over 110 flocks in the area were tested in early August. Everything turned up negative, but McGraw said it takes time to work through the numerous channels involved in international business. McGraw said there was never any risk to food safety or public health.

The state agriculture department says Japan will start accepting poultry products from eggs laid and birds killed. The country’s ban was officially ended on Wednesday.

China and Russia still have similar bans on Wisconsin poultry. McGraw says his agency has been working with federal officials to get those bans lifted as well.

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