February 12, 2016

State exploring options for employee health benefits

Despite a report that says the state could save five percent on its health insurance costs by moving its employees to a self-insured program, Governor Scott Walker says there is no proposal in place right now for the state to pursue the switch.

Walker says the state is simply exploring its options right now. “In light of the taxes and penalties that are imposed on the state of Wisconsin because of the Affordable Care Act” Walker says he wants to know if the state is moving forward with its best option.

AUDIO: Gov. Scott Walker (:48)

Critics of the switch say it would reduce choices for state employees and disrupt coverage.

Walker says he met with health care providers on Tuesday to discuss the issue and obtain their input, while listening to their concerns and feedback. He says the state did not bring a proposal to the table. The state’s Group Insurance Board will discuss the issue at a meeting next week.

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