February 6, 2016

Veterans home at King still hiring

In the last state budget, The Wisconsin Veterans Home at King was given the authority to add about 110 workers to their staff to assist the veterans that live on that campus. Department of Veterans Affairs spokesperson Carla Vigue says they have already promoted many part time workers to full time, and they’re still looking for more people. “About 50 of them are making people who are part time workers full time workers, and so of the remaining 60-ish, we have been steadily filling those since we got the budget authority. We are, however, still looking for some CNAS (certified nursing assistants), LPNs (licensed practical nurses), and food service workers.”

The King facility employs over 1,000 staff members in four separate skilled nursing home buildings all in one location along the Waupaca Chain of Lakes. Vigue says there are two easy ways to apply for their open positions. “The easiest way is to go on our website, which is There’s employment opportunities at one of the links on that page, or you can just give us a call, which is at 1-800-WIS-VETS.”

Vigue says care workers who love to help our veterans should consider applying. “We’re really happy to take care of the veterans at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King, and we’re happy that people in the community support us. We’re looking for great employees to help us.”

Governor Scott Walker included the additional funds in the last state budget to help the Wisconsin Veterans Home return to proper staffing levels and to improve the ratio of patients to nursing staff at the facility.

Larry Lee, WSAU

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