February 11, 2016

Badgers Football wraps up the regular season

The #15 Football Badgers regular season comes to end Saturday as they host Penn State at Camp Randall.  It’s Senior Day for 26 Wisconsin players who will run on the field for the final time.

The Badgers defense will try to keep their scoreless streak in tact.  They have not allowed a touchdown in 8-quarters.  The 7-points Minnesota put up last weekend were on a defensive score.

The Badgers still have a fairly decent shot at a BCS bid.  To become eligible, they need to move up into the top-14 of the rankings.  That is likely with a win as a few teams in front of them play other top 14 teams.  The big game to watch will be the Big 10 title game next weekend between #3 Ohio State and #11 Michigan State.  A Michigan State win would send the Spartans to the Rose Bowl and likely give Ohio State an at-large bid shutting out Wisconsin.  A Ohio State victory would definitely open the door for the Badgers.

Wisconsin sits 9-2 on the year and 6-1 in the Big Ten.  Penn State is 6-5 overall with a 3-4 Big Ten record.  Kickoff is 2:30.

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