February 7, 2016

Black Friday, the Superbowl of shopping

What’s hot and when is the best time to buy it?

Madison College marketing and retail expert Betty Hurd says Black Friday is the best time to get best deals. Black Friday is the busiest holiday shopping day of the year and the last Saturday before Christmas is next. Though, Hurd says, that Saturday before Christmas is a last ditch effort for retailers to get rid of their seasonal stuff, so procrastinators risk being left only with slim pickings.

Toys are still hot for little kids this shopping season. But, electronic toys are very popular, like Leap frog, Play Station 4 and X-Box 1. The ‘must have’ items for the adults: electronics and clothing. Also, Hurd points out that over 50 percent of those asked, say they would love a gift card so they can purchase exactly what they want.

IbisWorld projects Black Friday to generate sales of nearly $13.6 billion this year, a 3.9 percent increase over last year. An estimated 69 million people are planning to shop on Black Friday.


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