February 10, 2016

Case of missing teen resolved after nine years

What began as a missing teenager case in 2004 is now the story of a young woman trying to return to the U.S. Her name is Connie Lynn McCallister, and she willingly left the country with her boyfriend Aug. 15, 2004. She has spent nearly nine years in Mexico. Wausau Police were given a tip, and able to make contact with her by Skype to confirm her identity and whereabouts. Police also confirm McCallister ended her relationship with the old boyfriend, met and married someone else, and had three children. Now, she would like to return from Mexico if she can bring her children.

Police haven’t said if her husband would come with her. It’s not clear if she wants to return to the Wausau area, Athens where she went to school, or someplace else. Her mother left Wisconsin and is living in Florida, but she still has friends and family in Marathon County.

McCallister was listed on The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website until about three months ago. A church missionary found her and contacted the organization to let them know McCallister would like to get help returning to the U.S. with her children ages 3, 5, and 7 years old.

Larry Lee, WSAU 

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