February 6, 2016

Church raising money to bring missing Wausau woman home

A girl who was drugged and taken to Mexico nine years ago could be home by Christmas. Trinity Lutheran Church in Athens is raising money to bring Connie McCallister and her family back to the United States, after the woman was found by a missionary worker in Mexico last month.

McCallister was just 16 when her 22-year-old boyfriend abducted her. She ended up in Mexico, where she was drugged and abused by her boyfriend. She was able to escape, but ended up in another abusive relationship. While she was in a hospital, a nurse helped her change her identity and escape. McCallister has lived in the country since then, and is now married with three children.

Church spokeswoman Judy Weise says they want to bring McCallister home now, along with her children. She says that will require a lot of money though, because the woman needs to some medical care and help bringing her family here. The church and the Athens Area Credit Union have set up a fund to accept donations.

Rick Schuh, WHBY

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