February 9, 2016

Getting the best deals on Black Friday

As shoppers head out to take advantage of Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday sales, state consumer protection officials are offering some tips to help make sure those advertised bargains actually pay off.

Door busters and other deep discounts have become a common sight for the start of the holiday shopping season. If you’re among those heading out for some deal hunting, Sandy Chalmers with the state Division of Consumer Protection says to make sure you bring your own copy of the store’s sales ad with you. State law requires stores to charge the lowest advertised price, so having the flyer in hand can help to resolve any disputes at the check-out line. Chalmers says that “if you get to the check-out line and the advertised price doesn’t match up with what you’re being charged, say something right away.”

If a store refuses to make good on an advertised price, Chalmers says consumers can file a complaint with the state.

Chalmers says it’s important to read the ad’s fine print, since many of the sales may have time restrictions or quantity limits in place. You should also be aware of any other special rules on returns or exchanges down the road, because many retailers often have stricter policies in place on returns for Black Friday sales. Chalmers says it’s a good idea to be aware of those before you buy and always make sure you keep your receipts.

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