February 13, 2016

No Call List deadline approaches

Wisconsin residents hoping to keep telemarketers from calling have until this coming Saturday to sign up for the latest updated to the state’s Do Not Call registry.

State Division of Consumer Protection Administrator Sandy Chalmers says registrations are good for two years, but there’s no problem if you don’t remember the last time you signed up. “Every time you sign up, your registration will automatically be extended another two years,” so there’s no need to worry about duplicating an existing registration.

The list is updated quarterly and is meant to keep telemarketers from calling residential and cell phone numbers. However, it will not stop political campaigns, charities, or surveys from contacting a number. If you still receive calls from a business after signing up, Chalmers says you should get as much information about the caller as you can and report it to the state. Companies that violate the No Call List can face fines and other enforcement actions by the state.

Chalmers says many people who sign up for the list often still report receiving so-called “robocalls.” In most cases, she says those types of calls originate overseas and are frequently tied to some type of scam. She says consumers should note information about the call and report it to the state. Consumer Protection officials do release warnings about phone scams that appear to be targeting Wisconsin residents.

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