April 26, 2015

Trevino gets 27 years in prison for murder of Wausau-area native

The Minnesota man convicted of killing a Wausau-area native will spend the next 27 years in prison. A Ramsey County, MN judge on Monday handed down the sentence for Jeffery Trevino, who killed his estranged wife Kira Steger last February. The body of the 30-year-old woman was found in the Mississippi River about three months later.

Prosecutors argued that Trevino killed Steger because she was having an affair and wanted a divorce, while he wanted to remain married.

Trevino was convicted by a jury in October on a second degree unintentional murder charge, which carried a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 to 15 years. He was acquitted on a second degree intentional murder charge.

Prosecutors argued that a longer prison sentence than the minimum was warranted because of aggravating factors in the case, including Trevino disposing of the body and not telling anyone about his wife’s death.