February 12, 2016

Rodgers to try again today

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admitted on his radio show on

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

ESPNMilwaukee on Tuesday that he experienced too much pain just doing basic drills while trying to practice last week, so he shut it down.

Rodgers will try to practice again today when the Packers return to the practice field to see if the situation has improved.

Meanwhile, the Packers are preparing Matt Flynn to start Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

It would appear Rodgers chances of playing against the Cowboys on Sunday are slim.

Rodgers said, “I was trying to push and come back before science tells you is even possible.  I don’t think you’re seeing anybody coming back at four or five weeks from this type of injury to do some of the things I’d like to do back on the field.”

Rodgers had his shoulder scanned last week and the results showed him he wasn’t ready to return.  Last Sunday would have been five weeks from the injury that he originally sustained Nov. 4.  It’ll be six weeks since the injury this Sunday.

One orthopedist told WRN this week that it could take until the end of the regular season for Rodgers to fully heal.  Whether the Packers would put Rodgers on the field before that time remains to be seen.  But it would appear to be a stretch for Rodgers to play this week against the Cowboys in Dallas.


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