February 7, 2016

NBA Trade deadline is today

The Milwaukee Bucks will host the Denver Nuggets in NBA action at the Bradley Center tonight.  Before that game tips tonight, there’s a chance the Bucks roster could take on a slightly different look.

The Bucks have veteran players that they are likely willing to unload, starting with guard Gary Neal, as well as Luke Ridnour and Caron Butler.

Ridnour has started 12 of 36 games that he’s appeared in, averaging 5.7 points and 3.4 assists a game.

The Bucks are looking for young players and possibly draft picks to help them down the road.  There’s always a chance that the Bucks will do nothing before the 2pm (CT) league deadline, but GM John Hammond’s track record likely says otherwise.  Hammond has made deals in three of the last four years.

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