April 21, 2015

Scam warning for taxpayers

The state Department of Revenue is warning taxpayers to watch out for scammers claiming they owe money to the government.

State Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler says the Internal Revenue Service sent out an alert, after several taxpayers reported getting phone calls from individuals who claim to be with the agency. Chandler says those callers claim the person has an outstanding debt and demand immediate payment using a debit card or wire transfer. They frequently follow it up with threats that their driver’s license could be revoked or they could be arrested.

Chandler says state and federal officials would never make those types of demands over the phone and would also never ask for personal information. He says a call from anyone claiming to be with a tax collecting agency should be treated with skepticism, and taxpayers should “hang up and contact the tax agency to see whether it’s a legitimate call.”

Chandler says he’s not aware of any Wisconsin residents falling victim to the scam.