February 9, 2016

Woman sentenced for stabbing ex-boyfriend’s dog

Sean Janas PHOTO: Marathon Co. Sheriff

Sean Janas PHOTO: Marathon Co. Sheriff

A Wausau woman will spend just over three months in a state prison and nine months in the Marathon County Jail for torturing and killing her ex-boyfriend’s dog.

22-year-old Sean Janas was sentenced Monday to one-and-a-half years in a state lock-up, but the term was reduced by the 447 days she spent in jail while awaiting trial. Janas will also be under extended supervision for two years once she gets out.

Janas blamed heroin abuse for destroying her life, but a prosecutor said the woman’s diary shows she enjoyed torturing and poisoning Mary, her ex-boyfriend’s four-year-old Labrador and German shepherd mix. Mary died in 2012 after she was repeatedly stabbed, beaten, and poisoned with drain cleaner and bleach.

On social media, animal lovers from numerous countries demanded the maximum prosecution for Janas. Her jail time resulted from the thefts in other counties, plus a charge dropped in a plea deal that was considered for sentencing purposes.


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