December 1, 2015

Walker gives second in command vote of confidence

Governor Scott Walker isn’t saying specifically whether he’ll run for U.S. president in two years, but says if he’s re-elected to the governorship and can’t finish his term, Wisconsin will be in good hands.

Walker says Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch would do a fine job in the state’s top office. “We’ve got a great lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch. She’s been a key part of our team.”

The governor says Kleefisch would likely continue the work he’s done during his first term if he doesn’t — or can’t — finish a second term. “Unlike the pattern we’ve seen here in the state in the past several terms … we’re very much on the same page.

AUDIO: Walker talks about his shared commitment with Kleefisch. :16

Walker says he’s worked closely with Kleefisch during his first term, and he’s confident that she would continue the work he started — that is, of course, if he’s re-elected and doesn’t finish the full term.

Rick Schuh, WHBY

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