February 14, 2016

Walker signals support for remaining bills

Governor Scott Walker is indicating that most of the bills passed in the finals days of the Legislative session will likely be signed into law.

The governor signed 62 pieces of legislation into law earlier this week, but dozens are still under review by his office. Walker says he expects most will make it past his desk, after his legal counsel reviews the language used in them and verifies they will not have any unintended consequences. Walker says “I don’t see, of any of the bills out there, any major policy problems.”

The governor did veto a bill last month over concerns that it could have impacted the state’s gaming compacts with Native American tribes.

The governor adds that his office is also spreading out some of the bill signings, due to the large number of them still awaiting action.

Those proposals still waiting for a signature include measures that require outside investigations when police are involved in the death of a suspect and legalizing a marijuana-extract for medical treatments. So far, Walker says the he’s convinced that cannabidiol, or CBD, is “not even remotely close to medical marijuana,” and he expects to sign the bill unless problems are identified.

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