February 7, 2016

Concerns over “McCutcheon” impacts here

WRN photo

WRN photo

A concern about even bigger “big money” donations to state political campaigns. Mike McCabe with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign warns that the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the total amount of campaign contributions an individual can make could blow the limits out here in Wisconsin.

“At a bare minimum, we are talking about donors having the capacity to give well over $6 million, whereas in the past they were restrained by giving over $10,000 in a calender year, but it could be far more than that,” McCabe said during a press conference at the Capitol on Wednesday.

While aggregate contribution limits do remain in place here in Wisconsin, McCabe said the McCutcheon decision casts some doubts on their future. “If you look all the hundreds of elections this could affect, its impact here at the state and local level could indeed be greater than the impact that it will have on federal elections.”

Advocates pledge to continue efforts aimed at a constitutional amendment stating that corporations are not people and that regulations on political spending do not encroach on first amendment free speech rights.


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