February 8, 2016

Klement Sausage Company sold

The company behind the famous Milwaukee Brewers’ racing sausages has been sold to a private equity firm in San Francisco. Tall Tree Foods, which is owned by Altamont Capital Partners, announced Monday that it bought Milwaukee-based Klement Sausage Company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The announcement said Klement will keep the offices, plants, and management team that it has in Milwaukee. Klement’s CEO Ray Booth will stay in that role, while former chairman John Klement said Tall Tree Foods will grow the brand.

Among other products, the firm owns the Blue Ribbon Bacon and Sausage company in Texas and Richard’s Cajun Foods of Louisiana. Altamont Capital Partners oversees $1.3 billion dollars of investments.

There was no immediate word on what impact the sale will have on the fate of the Klements’ racing sausages, which have enjoyed national notoriety for years. Other Major League teams have imitated the long-running Klement’s sausage races at Brewers’ home games.

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