February 7, 2016

Walmart meets with Green Bay mayor over new store designs

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt met with Walmart officials Monday to discuss some new renderings for a proposed 154,000 square foot Supercenter in the Broadway District. The new designs of the store includes a more unique and retro look to the facade.

“We’ve made some changes that add a little bit more to the density to our plan,” said Walmart spokesperson Lisa Nelson. “And also reflect some design changes to fit into the Broadway area to achieve that vision.”

But Schmitt said the major sticking point continues to be the size of the store, something neither sides is budging on. “For 18 months we’ve been very clear that we can’t go down on store size, we can’t build a multi-level store here,” said Nelson. “This is about building a successful store that will serve our customers in Green Bay.”

“I did not hear a plan today that I could support that would be in unison with the downtown plan,” Schmitt said after the meeting.

“I think after today, if this doesn’t get approved by the council, I think it is done,” said City Council President  DeWane. “They went above and beyond, I don’t know what more they could do.”

DeWane wouldn’t go so far as to say there are enough votes to override a mayoral veto. Walmart’s purchase agreement is up June 14. Schmitt expects this debate to return to the council at some point.


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