September 2, 2015

Voter registration efforts urged to update forms

The state Government Accountability Board is asking those running voter registration drives to make sure they are using the correct forms.

A state law that took effect on April 4 requires Wisconsinites to provide proof of residence when they register to vote. Despite the change, GAB spokesman Reid Magney says they have had multiple reports from clerks who are receiving outdated forms. Magney says “it’s a headache for the clerks because they get a form in, that somebody’s taken the time to fill out, but there’s no proof of residence document with it. So, they have to either write to the voter…or reach them somehow.”

Magney says groups working to register voters ahead of the August primary should take the time to update their forms or stop using the old version provided by the state. He says they are trying to contact organizations that are using the wrong form, as they hear about incidents where old versions are submitted or that don’t make it clear enough that proof of residency must be submitted at the same time.

Magney says anyone who wants to register to vote ahead of the primary can also go to the state’s voter information website, where they can print out an updated form.

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