February 6, 2016

Favre to make triumphant return: What took so long? (Audio)

Former QB's coach Steve Mariucci makes a plea for Favre to return even sooner!

Former QB’s coach Steve Mariucci makes a plea for Favre to return even sooner!

A few weeks ago, Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said there was concern that Brett Favre would be booed when he returns to Lambeau Field.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame is in the process of trying to figure out where to put all the fans that will want to be a part of next summers Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.

The Packers and the teams Hall of Fame held a joint press conference to announce that Brett Favre would be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame next July 18, 2015 and Packers team President and CEO Mark Murphy took it one step further, announcing that Favre’s number-4 would be retired at the same time.

The team will announce plans to unveil the retired number inside the stadium later during the season.  Favre will go into the Hall by himself, only the 6th time that’s happened in the history of the Packers Hall of Fame.  It’ll be the first time that a player will enter the Hall and have his number retired at the same time.

Former Packers president Bob Harlan called Favre around Thanksgiving last year.  That’s when Favre and the Packers really started to get the ball rolling and Harlan said he didn’t have to talk Favre into anything.  He said he sensed Favre was more than ready to put the hard feelings the two sides felt over his separation after 16 years, behind.

AUDIO: Bob Harlan on talks with the Favre’s :19

Favre appeared at the news conference via conference call.  He spent about a half hour answering questions from reporters and it was apparent that he’s ready for this to happen.

AUDIO: Brett Favre is thrilled with this announcement :19

Favre’s former quarterbacks coach, Steve Mariucci thinks fans will quickly forgive and forget and next years ceremony will be great.  But what Mariucci really hopes is that this celebration of Favre’s outstanding 16-year playing career doesn’t start and stop with this ceremony.

AUDIO: Steve Mariucci hopes this is just the start of things for Favre in Green Bay :22

Favre made two requests.  He wants Bart Starr to be present at the ring of honor ceremony and be allowed to take part in the coin flip with him.  He also wants former general manager Ron Wolf to be present.  It was Wolf who acquired Favre for a first round draft pick from Atlanta.

Favre and the Packers took plenty of time pass, to let the hard feels of his 2008 departure from Green Bay be forgotten.  For Favre, he’s been ready for this to happen.

“In all honesty, I was probably more ready sooner than maybe everyone else was, just because I know my heart and how I feel about my career,” he said.  “My good ness, 16 years in Green Bay, wonderful years, and playing almost every single game which I suited up for.  That’s what I am, that’s how I look at myself and how I will be remembered, as a Packer.”

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