February 11, 2016

Tolzien and Flynn both play well in finale

Scott Tolzien - UPI/Robert Cornforth

Scott Tolzien – UPI/Robert Cornforth

Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn both tossed a pair of touchdowns as the Green Bay Packers knocked off the Kansas City Chiefs 34-14 in the preseason finale at Lambeau Field.

Who wins the right to back up Aaron Rodgers?  And can the Packers afford the luxury of keeping three quarterbacks?

Certainly, the decision will be a difficult one, even more so if the Packers decide they can only hang on to one of the two.  But it’s a healthier scenario than the past couple of seasons when Graham Harrell, BJ Coleman and Vince Young were trying to compete for the backup job.

Flynn completed 7 of 15 for 102 yards and two touchdowns. Tolzien was 12 of 18 for 139 yards and two touchdowns.

Flynn has performed well in training camp, but when it came to performing in games, Tolzien won that battle.  But what Flynn has on his side is history.  He helped the Packers win just enough last season to allow Aaron Rodgers to return and put the Packers in the playoffs.  That may be a security blanket the Packers won’t want to part with.

But that doesn’t make Flynn sleep any better.

AUDIO: Matt Flynn says he won’t sleep well :08

AUDIO: Matt Flynn said it’s waiting time :11

The last time the Packers kept three quarterbacks was 2008.  It may be a luxury the Packers can’t afford.  So who stays if the Packers can only keep two.

It’s really a matter of comfort for Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy.  Tolzien has developed well under Mike McCarthy’s teaching.  He’s younger, has a stronger arm and may be ready for his first opportunity.  If the Packers let him go, there’s a good chance he won’t be around to come back to the Packers practice squad.  He’s more likely to be signed by another team.

AUDIO: Scott Tolzien feels he can help the Packers win :14



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