September 16, 2014

Wisconsin ACT scores and participation increase

dpilogoWisconsin continues to have the nation’s second-best scores on the ACT college entrance exam.

Figures released by the state Department of Public Instruction on Wednesday show an average composite score of 22.2 for Wisconsin high school seniors, out of a possible 36. That is up from a composite score of 22.1 last year, but still behind top-spot Minnesota’s composite of 22.9.

The ACT is the predominant college entrance exam used in the Midwest, while schools on the east and west coasts mainly use the SAT test.

The ACT also released benchmark scores that would give students a 75 percent chance of getting a “C” or better in college courses, and a 50 percent chance for a “B.” One of every five Wisconsin high school grads in May failed to reach any of the benchmarks on the exam. While 75 percent met or surpassed benchmarks in English — only around half did the same in reading, math, and science. However, at least ten-percent of the students were just a point or two short in reading and science.

The number of Wisconsin students taking the ACT has grown immensely, with 73 percent of the Class-of-2014 taking the test. The state is requiring it for all public high school students starting next year.