April 18, 2015

WisDOT: Packer game day will bring driving delays

wiDOTPacker game day will provide some challenges for motorists. Numerous road construciton projects will mean that Green Bay Packer fans planning a drive to Thursday night’s preseason finale against Kansas City well need to take additional time in getting to Lambeau Field.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Northeast Region in Green Bay says motorists traveling on the U.S. 41/State Highway 172 interchange just southwest of Lambeau “could experience significant backups on both north and south US 41 and east and west WIS 172.”

The 6:00 p.m. kick off will coincide with the tail end of evening rush hour, and the route will feature “closures, orange barrels, narrow lanes, soft shoulders and increased volume from commuter and recreational traffic.”

WisDOT strongly recommends motorists allow themselves additional time to reach their destinations and check WisDOT’s 511 website. Additionally, motorists are advised to remain alert and plan on exercising patience as they drive through the Green Bay area.

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