A 13-year-old Milwaukee girl was charged as an adult Monday with killing her step-grandfather over a jug of milk. The girl was charged with first-degree reckless homicide and she’s due in Children’s Court Tuesday afternoon with the chance she’ll eventually be tried as a juvenile.

According to prosecutors, the girl was pouring a bowl of cereal on Saturday when 48-year-old Robert Moon took the last of a gallon container. He allegedly told the girl he’d take some milk for a baby in the house, and the teen could have what’s left. Moon then allegedly poured the milk down the kitchen drain. Police said the girl responded by knocking the baby’s milk from his hand, and cutting his throat with a paring knife. His carotid artery was cut, and he died at the scene.

When police showed up, the girl was outside covered in blood and she immediately confessed to the slaying.

Criminal Complaint [PDF]

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