The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is calling for changes to the federal Farm Bill.

With Senate action on the Farm Bill expected in the coming weeks, Federation president Bill Bruins is urging lawmakers to steer away from propping up farmers with subsidies. Bruins says the system should move away from direct payments, instead focusing on risk management tools and providing farmers with a "safety net" for when commodity prices drop.

Bruins is calling on US Senator Herb Kohl to consider eliminating subsidies over time. The proposal is similar to one pushed for in the US House by Congressman Ron Kind. However, Bruins says he wants Senator Kohl to create a commission that would determine the best way to phase those out over time.

Also, Bruins says creating a commission will at least get the ball rolling on changes for the next time the farm bill is up for renewal, five years from now. 

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:04)

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