A second British farm hit with foot and mouth disease prompts Wisconsin Ag officials to issue a reminder here at home.

There hasn't been a case of foot and mouth in Wisconsin since 1915. But then again it had been years since the deadly livestock disease was seen in Britain until 2001 and now six years later they're fighting it again.

Donna Gilson at the State Agriculture Department says they thought it was worthy of a reminder to farmers to be alert.

Gilson says Foot and Mouth is always a concern because it is on the Agri-terrorism list but there are other common infections that can be devastating to farms and to the economy.

Gilson says there are simple things farmers can do to protect their livelihood. For one keep disinfectant handy to clean areas that house animals. Keep track of who visits barns so if there a disease does break out there will be a record that may help trace the source.

Also, when transporting animals, even to the fair, take the time to clean truck and trailer tires before driving back into an area where livestock stay.

Gilson says the British outbreak is a good reminder to be aware of diseases we thought had been eradicated.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:05 MP3 )

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