Photo: WisDOT

Photo: WisDOT

Wisconsin deer hunters heading out for the start of the nine day gun hunting season this weekend will be getting a reminder about the risks of driving drunk when they stop for gas. State Department of Transportation Safety Programs Chief Randy Romanski says signs being installed on top of gas pumps across Wisconsin will urge them not to get tagged for OWI while they are out trying to tag a deer.

The signs feature a hunter in blaze orange next to a man wearing handcuffs and an orange prison jump suit, along with the message “Don’t get tagged for OWI this deer season.” About 150 of the signs are being installed at gas pumps around the state.

Convenience stores often see a spike in traffic during the deer hunting season, with hunters stopping for gas and other supplies. The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday also results in plenty of traffic as well, and Romanski says they hope it will be a reminder for everyone to designate a sober driver while they are traveling.

The DOT is also encouraging drivers to download its ‘Drive Sober‘ smartphone app, which can help people evaluate when they may have had too much to drink to be able to legally drive.

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