A former state senator is calling for "radical" action to force improvements to U.S. HWY 10 in western Wisconsin. The highway is being upgraded to four lanes from Appleton to Marshfield, but there are no plans to upgrade the highway from Marshfield to the Minnesota border. Neillsville attorney and former state senator Tom Harnisch says Neillsville and points west will face a big hit when that happens because it will limit a major highway.

Funds aren't expected to be available to complete the project for another 40 years, so Harnisch is proposing a sort of "self-funded" highway by converting HWY 10 in to a toll road. He believes that would fund the needed upgrades.

Harnisch worries Neillsville and other communities on the highway will become as "lonely as the Maytag repair man" if something is not done. He presented his idea to Rep. Ron Kind during a listening session earlier this week. (WCCN's Paul Knoff contributed this report) 

AUDIO: Paul Knoff reports (MP3 1:01)

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