AARP is warning seniors – and everyone else – to be vigilant for efforts to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tragedy and fear many people are experiencing spell opportunity for others.

Sam Wilson is state director for AARP Wisconsin. “We’re seeing an uptick in social media inquiries, as well as phone calls and emails, presenting themselves as having a cure or a treatment for coronavirus,” Wilson said. “There’s also a lot coming out now around imaginary relief agencies that are popping up . . requesting people to donate to their cause around coronavirus.”

Wilson said we all need to be extremely careful with any solicitations of any type, and to never provide personal financial information to any entity without first verifying that it’s legitimate.

“We’re really telling people to very mindful, take that one or two extra steps. If it’s an email solicitation ask them for a phone number to call. It it’s a phone call . . ask them for a number to call back to verify it is a local agency, before giving out any personal financial information.”

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